Turning Over A New Leaf

Your Ignorance Is Their Power

For all of you that don’t know me, I’ve been a Political Activist for the past 20 years. I’ve never had anything good to say about American Politicians. For a good reason. Their moral values are screwed up. Greed motivates them.

If you ask Americans, who was the worst person in history most Americans would say, Adolf Hitler, Adolf Hitler was a choir boy compared to American Politicians. I’m going to refer to American politicians as Globalists. Some of them aren’t Globalist. A Globalist will tell an Americans politician what to do went to do it, and how to do it, and they can’t wait to bend over. If you want to learn about America, and American politicians, read Noam Chomsky. For the layman George Carlin.

Funny you can call a politician every four letter word in the dictionary, and they’ll just keep right on walking. What American politicians are afraid of is if you join up and stand up. This scares the hell out of them. They know the shit they’ve done they could be tarred and feathered. If it gets too hot for them, they slither off and crawl under a rock till things cool down. They’re usually lawyering upĀ at this time. But they don’t worry George Soros the Globalist will be around to bail them out. George Soros is a low-level Globalist.

I’ve been spinning my wheels for 20 years. I know this because Noam Chomsky has been trying to enlighten Americans for the last 50 years. And most Americans don’t even know who Noam Chomsky is. Noam Chomsky: “Avram Noam Chomsky is an American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, historian, social critic, and political activist. This all boils down to three words.

Greed, Ignorance and Angry. Greed, Ignorance, and Anger: The three poisons. Greed, ignorance, and anger are the path to unhappiness. If you are greedy or angry or ignorant. You are condemned to an endless cycle of unhappiness.

So the new me is going to write a fictitious book about what it could be like if Globalist went in the opposite direction. It’s still going to have some blood and guts in it and some sex, not no x-rated sex. But it will have a happy ending. The name of the book is, “The Men And Ladies of Honor.” Tell me I haven’t turned over a new leaf. Calling American politicians men and ladies of Honor. We could have had this.

I’ve written ten books to warm up for this one. The first couple of books there was too much he said she said in it. A lot of grammar mistakes. I am cleaning that up. I want to thank Emma Chaput and Julie Gonsalves for their support. I’m getting better, but I use a lot of slang. Grammarly keeps trying to correct me. So I read about it, and it said this is your style. So rather than try to change at 78 I’m going with my style. You can see my style in this story I’m writing. You can’t read it fast you have to read it a little slower. My daughter said she’ll publish it when I finish. I’m going to try to finish it in a season.

I’m going to end this with the prediction for America’s future. On a corner, you have a church with a steeple and a cross on top. In the basement, they are playing bingo. Across the street, you have a church with a steeple and an upside-down cross on top. You do not want to know what they’re doing in their basement. ~ Norman Bliss

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