Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon Fears Hillary Foreign Policy More Than Trump.

Legendary actress Susan Sarandon spoke with TYT Politics Reporter Jordan Chariton (@JordanChariton) about Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy record.Contrary to what the mainstream media says, the actress feels Hillary Clinton’s record on war and intervention is more of a threat than Donald Trump becoming president.

I hope everyone understands what this election is about. This election is not about Trump or Hillary. This election is about we the people taking back the power from our corrupt, elitist government. The reason the Republicans, the Democrats, and the Media are so against Trump is not because of who he is, its because of what he represents. He represents the voice of the people. This election was supposed to be Hillary vs Jeb Bush. The people are tired of the 1% at the top pulling all the strings. On the Republican side we said you were putting Donald Trump in there. On the Democrats side they tried to put Bernie up there but were stifled by a corrupt and rigged DNC headed by Debbie Wassermann Shultz and Hillary Clinton. The powers to be are very very scared of we the people when we stand together. In this election, Donald Trump is really irrelevant. this election is not about him or Hillary. This election is about we the people taking our government back! . Trump is not with the elite and propaganda. He is not after the money, fame, or other agendas. He doesnt need it. He is just a man that loves his country and wants to save us. Remember that on Nov. 8th ~ Susan Carper Clason

Angie Parr I’m not too worried about those states you mentioned, we the people (across the entire country) are fed up with the two biggest organized crime families our country has ever known (DNC/GOP) taking turns at robbing us blind. The media, DNC, and GOP all hate Trump because he’s an outsider trying to take control of their crime syndicate, and he’s closer than anyone has ever came to being successfull. It’s not about Trump and it wasn’t about Sanders during the primaries, it’s about US lopping the head off at least one of these two crime families, and hopefully we’ll deal with the other next. I feel it everywhere I go….change is in the air. ~ Connie Matarazzo Lampard

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